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Maintaining Your Health While Traveling

Anxiously anticipating warmer weather, March is a popular time to go on vacation. Whether you’re in college and enjoying spring break this week, or are packing your family’s bags for a trip within the next couple weeks, you may be wondering how to maintain your health and fitness goals while traveling.

With a few simple steps, you can maintain your health without having to compromise on the fun things you’d like to do while away. Here are our top five tips for maintaining your health and fitness goals while traveling:

1. Remember to Hydrate
While at home, staying hydrated is likely part of your routine. Whether you carry that water bottle with you everywhere from work to yoga or track your water intake with your favorite fitness app, having a normal routine creates triggers for us to remember to consume enough water.

While on vacation, however, that routine goes out the window (as it should!). Be conscious about continuing to hydrate throughout the day. Pack your water bottle, set alerts on your phone throughout the day, or order a glass of water alongside your beverage of choice during meal times.

2. Mix Things Up
No gym? No problem. Explore new ways to stay active while on vacation. From skiing and snowshoeing to kayaking and hiking, there likely is a variety of activities that you can check out wherever you’re vacationing.

Also, consider incorporating physical activity into the other plans you have. Instead of catching a cab, give yourself a little extra time to walk to your destination, or rent a bicycle and explore the city on two wheels.

3. Snack Smart
Leave some room in your suitcase for healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or jerky. Snacking on healthy foods throughout the day will help ensure that you’re still getting proper nutrients, and will suppress your appetite, helping you maintain portion control while dining out.

4. Rest
We know, you want to make the most of your trip! Allow for some flexibility in your travel plans, and confidently hit the snooze button if your heart desires. New activities, different foods, and additional alcohol consumption all take a toll on your body, and rest is more important than ever to allow your body to recover.

5. Give Yourself a Break
Go ahead, order that appetizer you’re craving or splurge on that delicious dessert. It is vacation after all! Give yourself a break while traveling and allow yourself some freedom from your normal nutrition and exercise goals.