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5 Things That Help to Reduce Stress

Let’s face it, life can get pretty crazy. Taking some time to just sit back and relax is good for you when trying to reduce stress. Between work, family, socializing with friends, and unexpected life events –– it’s important for you to take a few moments for yourself every day. However, you might not be sure how to make time for it, or even how to incorporate relaxation into your everyday routine. Here are some tips to help you fit in at least 15 minutes of relaxation into your day to help you ease your stress level.



Just a few moments a day can help ease anxiety and stress. It’s fairly simple. Sit straight up with both feet on the floor and close your eyes. Focus all your attention on reciting a positive mantra. Place one hand on your stomach and sync your mantra with your breathing. Let that stress just melt away.


Breathe Deeply

Focusing on your breathing for 5 minutes can also help reduce stress. Sit up straight with your eyes closed with one hand on your stomach. Slowly breath in through your nose and fell the air fill your abdomen and work its way to your head. Reverse as you exhale through your mouth.


Slow down

Accomplishing one task at a time can help reduce the amount of stress you deal with during the day. You’re more focused on the task at home and you’ll be proud of the work you’re doing!


Reach Out

When times are getting tough, talk to someone you trust. Reach out to a friend to talk through what is causing your stress. Share what is going on in your life and hopefully you’ll get a fresh perspective while making a connection at the same time.



A good hard laugh can be exactly what you need sometimes. Laughing can lower cortisol, which is your body’s stress hormone and boost the chemicals in your brain that produces the feeling of happiness. Watch your favorite rom-com, read a comic, or talk with someone with a good sense of humor.



5 Things That Help to Reduce Stress

5 Things That Help to Reduce Stress