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Approach Your Health Like a Viking

With just seconds left in the fourth quarter, down by one point, were you one of the Minnesotans who gave up hope, or were you one of the few who still held out hope?

The rollercoaster of a game last Sunday left even the biggest Vikings fans in disbelief. With a strong first half, it seemed that nothing could stop us.

And then it did.

Just like last Sunday’s game, life can change in a second. An injury, an illness, things happen that can leave you feeling defeated. However, studies show that your outlook and attitude can make all the difference when in regard to long-term results.

There have been numerous studies focused on the impact of an individual’s attitude in relation to recovery. And, without question, each study showed a direct positive correlation between the two.

In one study conducted by the Institute for Work and Health, researchers found that, “Across a wide range of clinical conditions, from lower back pain to heart surgery, patients who felt they would do well in recovery did. Patients who were scared or pessimistic about their recovery did not recover as quickly as the optimists or as well” (ABC News).

You can’t always control or prevent injuries or illnesses. “But how you go through your life with the grit and determination to make it through, that you do have control over and that makes a difference” (ABC News).

So, if you were one of the fans who had given up hope last weekend, take a lesson from Stefon Diggs and the entire Vikings team. Choose to be resilient, to have a positive outlook, and to continue working for that “win” even when the going gets tough.