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I have liked my therapy at Wenger’s. It’s close to my home. I came here when I had two total knees done. Everyone here is very helpful in every way.


Thank you so much for helping me be able to walk again. I was able to walk and stand all day in the delivery room. I was so glad to be there and help my daughter. My feet and ankles felt great. Thanks to all you did to help me recover.


Todd at Wenger, did a awesome job working with my doctors developing a treatment program for my recovery, by setting goals and getting back to work. This also made it possible for me to return to the other activities and hobbies I love. A big Thank You to Todd and the rest of the Team at Wenger!


At each visit Katie always listens to what I am going through at that time and adjusts therapy according to my pain. I was taught how to do the right exercise for my knees and I have seen great results. The whole staff at Wenger’s is very caring and understanding. I could never thank Katie enough for all her help.


Natasha, your explanations of how and why prescribed exercises would help me put my injury into a manageable and understandable framework. Additionally, your patience when explaining again why certain activities should not be done versus scolding was encouraging and much appreciated.


Severe hip pain, complicated by an old back injury, left me limping. However, Natasha monitored my progress, constantly exploring exercises and massage that might strengthen my hip and back muscles. I am indebted to her; she is the consummate professional. I highly recommend Natasha and appreciate the professionalism of the Wenger staff.