Physical Therapy Internship

Wenger Physical Therapy welcomes and provides experiences for high school students, college students and doctorate level students completing their physical therapy degree. High school or pre-physical therapy/assistant program students should contact [email protected] to inquire about job shadowing and observation hours.

Doctorate level students will be challenged at Wenger Physical Therapy. The goal of a physical therapy internship at Wenger Physical Therapy is to meet the student where he/she is currently, while preparing the student to enter the physical therapy profession with strong clinical skills as well as the skills to make ethical, effective clinical decisions. It is our expectation that the student will behave in a professional manner at all times during the internship.

Wenger Physical Therapy offers a fast paced, primarily orthopedic environment. Students are expected to manage a moderate caseload and will be provided one hour for an evaluation and thirty minutes for subsequent/follow-up appointments. Insight into balancing patient needs with regulatory requirements and payer expectations will be considered with each treatment plan developed. With input from the Clinical Instructor and means of a thorough assessment, students will learn to accurately predict the expected number of visits and assess functional outcomes for a variety of orthopedic conditions.