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Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain can have a dramatic effect on many areas of your life including work, recreation and personal relationships.  Chronic pain is often defined by the length of time it has been present. Some may say weeks, others say years. No matter the length of time, chronic pain is pain that persists past the normal stages of healing.


Wenger Physical Therapy offers a unique approach to treating your chronic pain. Our approach focuses on education and teaching you how to be in control of your pain. Our goal is to get you back to living your life.


Research has shown that the best way to manage chronic pain is with education and exercise, but this can be scary for many people because it hurts with movement. The physical therapists at Wenger Physical Therapy will teach you about your pain and how to exercise the right way without worsening your condition. Aquatic therapy is one of the techniques utilized to re-introduce exercise in a warm, comfortable environment for a gradual progression to a self- management program.  A home exercise program that is easy to maintain will also be provided in conjunction with aquatic therapy and other land based treatments. This combined approach allows carryover of the gains you make in therapy session for maximum outcomes. Each patient’s program is based on their individual condition and needs to meet their goals. Your therapist cares about your recovery and we are here to help!