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Fit For Life

Fit For LifeFollowing our philosophy of treating the whole person, Wenger Physical Therapy offers the

Fit-for-Life program. The staff at Wenger Physical Therapy believes strongly that every individual needs to be involved in a fitness program that suits their needs. Growth or decay, we must choose every day.


There are two methods by which you may become a participant in the Fit-for-Life program. Most of the participants in the Fit-for-Life program become active immediately following care at Wenger Physical Therapy. You will meet with our personal trainer who will introduce you to the pieces of equipment you will use in your fitness program. If you are interested in using the warm water pool, that is available to you as well.


If you have not been a patient at Wenger Physical Therapy, you may enter the Fit-for-Life program by scheduling an appointment with our personal trainer. During your initial consultation, the personal trainer will:

  • assess your current fitness level
  • determine your particular fitness interests and needs
  • orient you to the aerobic and strength training equipment
  • determine appropriate levels at which to begin your aerobic training
  • determine appropriate levels of resistance to begin strength training


You will learn how to:
  • progress your individual program
  • assess your perceived exertion level or target heart rate for exercise


Throughout your participation in the Fit-for-Life program, you will have access to our physical therapists and personal trainer, should you have any questions.


With the Fit-for-Life program at Wenger Physical Therapy, there is no long-term contract to sign and you will not be billed if you are unable to attend during a particular month. The environment is friendly, small and not intimidating. Locker rooms and showers are available for your use.


Please call Wenger Physical Therapy at 507-625-8017 today or send an email to [email protected] to begin your fitness program!