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Industrial Rehabilitation Services

Wenger Physical Therapy is a leader in the provision of services to the injured worker and to area businesses for the past twenty years.


Services provided to the injured worker and their employer include:

Work conditioning evaluation

Work conditioning program

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Job site evaluation

Physical therapy care for an acute or chronic injury


In conjunction with the client, referral source, qualified rehabilitation consultant, insurance adjustor and employer, an individualized plan is developed to allow each partner to understand the unique requirements of each case.  The clinic has a large gym and equipment available to assess and maximize the work related abilities of the injured client.



In this two hour evaluation, a thorough musculoskeletal history, work history and baseline functional assessment of current work abilities is established.  Maximum lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and upper extremity function in various positions will be documented.  The evaluation will outline program goals, recommended length and frequency of program and consider the prospect/availability of light or modified duty.



Based on the findings of the work conditioning evaluation, a program is developed that will allow progression from the current level to the functional requirements of an indentified position.  The program requires intense physical and functional effort on the part of the client, generally three to five days per week for two to four hours per day.



This comprehensive test is designed to measure the maximum safe, functional abilities of a worker across a broad range of physical capabilities.  Wenger Physical Therapy offers a two day, five hour evaluation.  This allows a better understanding of complex cases with extended disability duration or for vocational rehab planning.  Wenger Physical Therapy also offers a one day evaluation for less involved cases.



The therapists at Wenger Physical Therapy are skilled in assessing functional job requirements at the worksite.  Job site evaluations are beneficial in comparing the physician’s restrictions to the actual job demands.  The site evaluation is especially helpful when the employee or qualified rehabilitation consultant feels a particular work task could be ergonomically improved allowing an earlier, more successful return to work.



Prior to placing an individual in a particular position a pre-work screen may be conducted at Wenger Physical Therapy to ensure the functional abilities of the applicant match the functional requirements of the job.  The pre-work screen is based on a thorough analysis of the actual job requirements.



Assessing the station at which a worker performs his/her daily tasks is critical in preventing injury particularly when job activities require repetition.  Often small ergonomic changes can make a significant difference in how comfortable the individual is at their work station. For example, these changes may include the height of the work surface or seat or repositioning of frequently-used equipment/items.  Therapists at Wenger Physical Therapy will assess the current work station and make recommendations for the changes needed.



At regularly scheduled visits (monthly or quarterly), workers are given the opportunity to speak with a physical therapist skilled in musculoskeletal assessment.  Addressing minor injuries early allows workers to remain productive on the job.  Workers may need to be “coached” in altering in how a particular task is performed.  Workers will be instructed in appropriate stretching, mobilization and/or strengthening exercises pertinent to their specific needs.